MCES Business to Business

Business to Business

Managed Care Economical Solutions is committed to adding value to its business relationships with existing and potential new customers. The MCES Business to Business programme is modelled on the premise that we will supply Biological and Detergent Enzymes within the cleaning solutions manufacture and formulating business sector assisting manufacturers and formulators in developing sustainable cleaning solutions.


1)    The Economic Value

  • Increase the sales of your chemicals. Meet a real and growing local demand for sustainable cleaning products.
  • Increase new customers and your local market share for cleaning chemicals and products.
  • Greater retention of existing customers. Increase the value added to your customers.
  • Increase your profit

2)   The Differentiating Value

  • Increase your ability to differentiate yourself from the competition
  • More clearly demonstrate to your customers, prospects and community, your genuine concern and commitment to sustainable products that are proven safer for people and the environment.
  • Improve your corporate image.
  • Help protect your reputation.
    A product offering that supplements and complements and does not duplicate
    • If properly positioned, no options can compare

3)   Exemplary Support

  • Large enough to provide
  • Small enough to customize

4)   Need for a Stand-Alone Line

The larger name brand companies cannot be all encompassing or cannot be revolutionary with respect to environmentally sound and health/safety products. They have to rely on “product enhancements”. They have too much invested in their traditional products and formulas to risk sales and liability claims.

Think Cleaner Greener Smarter